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Here is what new dog owners need to know!

Here is what new dog owners need to know!
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Going out and adopting a dog is really fun, especially if this is your first time being a parent. Obviously, who would say no to bringing a cute little puppy home. However, it isn’t fun and games. Being a dog owner – or a pet owner in general – is a massive responsibility, and as long as you are ready to deal with this responsibility, do not bring a dog home.

Dogs can be mischievous, and taking care of them won’t always be fun. Sometimes, it can get gross, disgusting and they can make a huge mess that you are eventually forced to clean up. As a pet owner, especially if it is your first time doing it, can be a little shocking, and so be prepared for this not-so-pleasant surprise.

Preparing for your doggy

First, you need to prepare your house for your new furry companion. Purchase necessary things, like a bowl, collar, leash, food, treats and grooming supplies etc. You also need to ‘dog-proof’ your home, make sure here are no naked wires lying around or hazardous supplies that can seriously hurt your dog.


Obviously, a diet is the most important thing for your dog. If you are unaware about what to feed your canine, you can always get help from a professional or your other fellow dog owners.

You need to know what you can and can’t give to your dog. Aside from food, you also need to take your doggy on walks about twice or thrice (depending on you) daily. And, you need to schedule days you will take your pet for check-ups and baths and grooming sessions.

Dealing with your pet

One thing you need to remember is that there will be times your dog will get sick, and you will have to cancel plans with friends to take care of it. And, that’s okay.

Sometimes, your dog will chew your favorite boots or break that one vase you got as a gift, and you’ll have to be patient then.

If you have adopted a pet and are now stressed about it that is fine too. It doesn’t make you a bad person.  Remember, you are your dog’s everything.

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