Why you should NEVER cut your dog's whiskers

Why you should NEVER cut your dog’s whiskers

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Did you know that the long and sturdy whiskers on your small doggy’s face serve an important purpose? Some people think that dog’s whiskers are unimportant and often get them cut while they pay a visit to the groomer, but they help your dog navigate the world.

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What are whiskers?

Dog whiskers, also known as vibrissae, are long hair or tactile hairs around a dog’s jaw and above its eyes. At the end of these whiskers, the follicles are full of nerves that send sensory messages to the brain. Whiskers have many uses and help your dog explore the world, guide them in the dark, and help them figure out the size of objects.

Dog whiskers are not like other dog hair; they are sensitive to human touch. When you touch a dog’s whiskers, they may flinch in response. Whiskers can be black, gray, or white.

Pet your dog’s whiskers lightly down the grain when caressing him. Don’t pluck or tug on the whiskers, as this will cause pain. Avoid clipping your dog’s whiskers when brushing him, reducing his particular awareness and confusing him.

Is it okay to touch a dog’s whiskers?

Yes, it is okay to touch dog whiskers as long as you do so lightly. Generally, you can pat them gently, going down along the whisker, not against it. You should avoid plucking or tugging on the whiskers, as this will cause pain. Avoid clipping your dog’s whiskers when brushing him, reducing his particular awareness and confusing him.

Now that you know everything, you should know that cutting dog whiskers is a big no-no. Many people think that it’s okay to do, as they think of them as hair, but dog whiskers are not like other dog hair. They are much more sensitive and serve an essential purpose. So next time you go to the groomer, tell them not to cut your dog’s whiskers!

Help! I accidentally cut off some of my dog’s whiskers!

If you accidentally cut your dog’s whiskers, it’s crucial to take him to the vet. You may see some bleeding & he may have some cuts on his face, and if they’re not treated properly, they could get infected. Additionally, if too many of his whiskers are cut off, he may have trouble navigating the world and easily get confused. But if you do accidentally cut your dog’s whiskers, just remember they do grow back.

Why do dog groomers cut off dog’s whiskers?

Some dog groomers mistakenly think that dog whiskers need to be cut off to groom a dog properly & they are often taught to do this in grooming school. However, this is not the case at all! There are many other ways to groom a dog without having to cut their whiskers. So if your dog’s whiskers have ever been cut off after taking him to the groomer, be sure to let them know that you don’t want them to do this in the future.

What are the long hairs above my dog’s eyes?

Those long hairs above your dog’s eyes are his eyebrows! They help keep debris and moisture out of his eyes and help protect them from the sun. So if you’ve ever wondered what they were, now you know! And just like dog whiskers, it’s important not to cut them off.

So the next time you are tempted to cut your dog’s whiskers, don’t! You may be doing more harm than good. Whiskers play a crucial role in a dog’s life and help them interact with their environment. Leave them alone, and they will continue to support your pup to live a happy, healthy life.

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